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Closing the Gender Pay Gap

It should come as no surprise that diversity is good for business. It is a constant source of innovation and agility, helping to drive meritocracy and improved decision-making. The race to close the Gender Pay Gap is well and truly underway. Culture is a major driver for this, as it affects the way in which people and companies make decisions. Questback’s newly launched CultureQuest Parity solution provides companies with the tool to effectively gain insight and action points to reveal how one can drive this initiative further.

The CultureQuest Parity solution gives a company insight into what is happening in specific groups and at a specific point in time. A unique measure is included in the solution, the Talent Parity Index, which scores behavioural and cultural factors influencing decisions, and expectations from the perspective of an employee and the organisation. The index provides hard evidence of what is really happening within the company’s culture in regards to; gender, their unique behaviour, triggers and roadblocks. It provides signposts to meaningful and effective action planning.

Questback’s solution:

  • Delivers strategic insight that is outcome-based. Giving a company the tools it needs to close the Gender Pay Gap.
  • Easy-to-use with a dynamic and interactive online dashboard.
  • Simple, secure and GDPR compliant.
  • Provides confidential peer group benchmarking, enabling a company to benefit from what others are measuring and learn best practice.


Challenges of fairness aside, the Gender Pay Gap threatens business competitiveness, now and even more so in the future. We are at a tipping point, with new ways of working, technological disruption and changing workforce demographics all impacting businesses. It is vital that companies achieve a closer gender balance if they are to benefit from a wider, more diverse range of skills, become more innovative, successfully manage risk, demonstrate integrity, and make better decisions.

Read Questback’s whitepaper on the topic: “Closing the Gap. Culture holds the Key”