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  • Successful IPO of Webstep
    Webstep ASA was successfully introduced on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The IPO price was NOK 24.50 per share, representing a total value of the Company of NOK 643m, including the NOK 120m new share issue. A few days of trading has validated the IPO price.
  • QuestBack has become a global leader
    Through Global Expansion and Buy & Build strategies QuestBack has become a global leader within online insight solutions.
  • A leading provider of building envelopes
    Con-Form is a leading provider of building envelopes based on pre-fabricated concrete elements. This new building process is becoming the construction methodology of choice.
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Scanship is the major stock market winner in 2017
2017 was a great year for many investors, and even more so for investors invested in Scanship Holding. The Scanship share stands out as the overall winner with an increase of 347% at year-end close. The stock closed at NOK 4.25 on the last day of 2017, valuing the company at NOK 405.9 million.
We have grown from a local Nordic player to a Global software-as-a-service provider in five years. Reiten made it possible to expand to the US and mainland Europe while investing in our technology platform. We are now able to offer cloud based feedback solutions to global clients with more than 100 000 employees world-wide.
- Frank Mollerop, CEO Questback, New York
Reiten has helped us create a global footprint through actively pursuing M&A and organic growth opportunities across the globe, thereby more recently expanding our presence into the US and the Middle East, and by actively seeking financing solutions that work for us under challenging market conditions.
- Jayden Wallis, CEO Competentia, Dubai
Reiten helped us double in size by first mapping the M&A market, organizing financing and executing the acquisition process, and then turning attention to address the growing demand for I-o-T and digitalization solutions. Their input on operational improvement has been key to creating value.
- Kjetil Eriksen, CEO Webstep, Oslo
With Reiten's help we have almost doubled sales organically in Scandinavia and our operational improvement programmes over the last 18 months have resulted in margin expansion from 1 to 8%.
- Morten Stjern, CEO Con-Form, Oslo
Reiten has helped us increase our market potential in Norway and Sweden, both organically and through acquisition of several companies. Our sales have more than doubled since they invested in Brubakken. Reiten's active ownership has been an asset in our strategic decision processes.
- Magnus Vold, CEO Brubakken, Porsgrunn