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Con-Form, A leading provider of building envelopes

Con-Form is a leading provider of building envelopes based on pre-fabricated concrete elements. This new building process is becoming the construction methodology of choice, explaining why sales have doubled within a few years.

Con-Form’s value proposition is to increase effectiveness on the construction site and reduce project risk. Con-Form erects a complete building skeleton at a fixed price on time, consisting several hundred building envelopes. Customers have adopted this new way of building, explaining the strong growth the last couple of years. Approximately 20 % of all apartments built in Norway have a building envelope delivered by Con-Form. Con-Form is present in Stockholm, which is Sweden’s largest market. Although the market share is still low, revenue exceeds NOK 120 million in 2016, and the operation is profitable. There is great potential for further growth.

Con-Form is a popular choice among hotel contractors as well with recent deliveries of multi-storey hotels in Stockholm, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø.

In 2016 Con-Form sold building envelopes for NOK 1 billion with an EBITDA-margin of approximately 5 %. Performance is expected to improve further in 2017 with increased scale of operation and introduction of more automated production.