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The leader in hosting of business-critical internet applications.

1.6x growth driven by growth in on-line services
Basefarm benefitted from strong growth in demand for internet based sales channels. Their specialty was operating internet services with high levels of traffic intensity and complexity, such as portals, web newspapers, streaming services, search services and online shopping solutions.  During Reiten’s ownership they hosted the home pages of clients with the most internet dependent channels such as Norwegian and Altinn and sales grew from NOK 248 million to 391 million.

At the time of exit, Basefarm had 190 employees with offices in Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Basefarm was sold to US-based ABRY Partners in November 2012.

Company: Basefarm
Industry: IT outsourcing
Fund: Reiten & Co Capital Partners VII
Ownership: 72%
Status: Realized
Entry: 27.11.2009
Exit: 30.11.2012
Contact: Narve Reiten