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Competentia is more than a staffing company; we combine our long experience in the industry with a continuing commitment to innovation to provide a different level of customer service.

Building and managing workforces across the global energy and resources industry.

Where there are challenges for our customers’ workforces, we deliver lasting solutions with sustained, added value.

To manage a global workforce, you need a global solution. Competentia’s worldwide footprint covers all of the world’s major energy hubs. From the oil fields where exploration and production flourish, to the project offices where refineries and wind farms are designed and planned, we have teams working on a local level inside local communities.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you’re trying to accomplish, Competentia can put first class professional teams on the ground to help you get the job done. From our continental HQs in Houston, Stavanger, Abu Dhabi and Perth, we manage a network of offices that service over 42 countries.

Company: Competentia

Industry: Oil & Gas, Engineering

Ownership: 47,1%

Revenue : 2019: NOK 1,372 million

Status: Active

Entry: 11.04.2012

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