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QuestBack has become a global leader

Through “Global Expansion” and “Buy & Build Strategies” QuestBack has become a global leader within online insight solutions. Read more to understand more about the growth drivers targeted by Reiten & Co.

Global Expansion

Some industries are better suited to Global Expansion than others. At Reiten we have focused on the industries where Norway has had a particular competitive advantage, such as Shipping, Maritime, Oil&Gas and IT. No one would be surprised to find a Norwegian business within these industries in any part of the world. Creating a global footprint is executed both organically and through selective acquisitons. Since 1996 Reiten have made more than 90 add-on acquisitions, mostly close to the home market, but also on other continents. However, most of the global expansion is gained by organic growth, winning new projects or opening offices in new markets.

Buy & Build Strategy

Creating tomorrow’s winners. For the team at Reiten this means seeking growth in new products and services while finding new ways to establish geographical expansion. Organic growth requires ambition and drive – that is what we look for in a management team. In order to grow even faster we encourage mergers and acquisitions, both in the home market and abroad. Since 1996 Reiten have made 24 platform investments and made more than 90 add-on acquisitions. Realised companies grew sales of 3.5x on average, creating attractive targets for both industrial and financial buyers. Ambitious entrepreneurs seeking growth will find an attractive partner in Reiten & Co.