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Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Scanship Holding ASA transferred to Oslo Børs from Oslo Axess

On the 24th of June, Scanship had their first trading day at the main list of the Oslo Stock Exchange. With the transfer from Oslo Axess the company will be visible for a broader investment community and further strengthens their position as a leading ESG share.

“More than ever, investors are seeking companies that work for a better climate, environment, and for cleaner oceans. Companies like Scanship”, says Henrik Badin, Scanship CEO. He adds that “a few years down the road, perhaps Oslo Børs will be just as known for its clean tech index as it is for oil and gas today, and we are ready to take the lead.”

Scanship delivers technology that prevents pollution, recovers valuable resources in waste and produces energy from waste. Both through their technology solutions for their core market in Cruise, but also for land-based applications.

“Scanship is a company where the employees wake up every morning and know they can make a difference. It is truly inspiring. We and other investors also know that through investing in Scanship we can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world”, Narve Reiten, Chairman of Scanship, comments.

For further information, see Scanship’s webpage: