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Scanship wins sludge treatment contracts for seabased closed cage fish farms

Scanship has won the worlds first contracts for delivery of sludge treatment for seabased closed cage fish farms by the Norwegian company AkvaFuture AS. Akvafuture operates sustainable and environmentally-friendly fish farms at three locations in Vevelstad and Brønnøy, Norway, and sells its salmon under the trademark “EcoSalmon”.

Scanship will deliver systems to process and dry the sludge from seabased closed cage fishfarms.

“This is really a breakthrough for Scanship. These systems are first in world to operate on seabased closed cage fishfarms. All residues from the fishfarms will be collected and recovered efficiently in a circular economy setup. We are thrilled to work with AkvaFuture on these projects and inspired by their commitment for sustainable fishfarming and cleaner oceans”, says CEO Henrik Badin.