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Vow wins a new biochar contract with NRS in Sweden

Vow ASA, through its subsidiary Scanship AS, is awarded a contract with NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB) in Helsingborg, Sweden. The project will be first of its kind and serves as a brilliant example of the sustainable management of biomass residues. The contract demonstrates a great perspective for the biochar as carbon neutral and climate friendly commodity for the Scandinavian market. The total project value is SEK 20.8 mill and the plant is intended to be installed within 12 months from the contract signature.

NSR is a leading recycling company in Sweden whose objective is to handle and recycle waste in the best possible way according to environmental, technical and financial aspects, as well as creating a long term sustainable and environmentally compatible society. As a result of the carried procurement process, NSR has selected Scanship AS as the most advantageous proposition to deliver the turnkey biochar production facility that will contribute the company objectives.

See link to Vow’s press release: